The GSA congratulates Team Ireland for their success and tenth placing in the global rankings at the WUSV IPO World Championships in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Ireland finished at number 10 in the team rankings, up seven places from 2016!
Well done to the whole team and big thanks again to the organisers in the VDH for a great competition and to the supporters from home and abroad.
GSA Ireland is also grateful to VDH Kringgroep Schijndel for generously facilitating the team’s training sessions in the Netherlands, with special appreciation to liason officer Carla van Loon for all her help.
Thanks also goes to tracksuit sponsors Karanberg and suppliers Jako.
Congratulations to the winning Team Germany and overall winners Reiner Naschke and Debby vom Eisernen Kreuz.

For full results see this website:

IRL 01 Alvin Davis & Obi wan kenobi vom Wolfsblick
Tracking: 51
Obedience: 88
Protection: 93
232 M

IRL 02 Peter McKenna & Legend vom Alten Kanal
Tracking: 88
Obedience: 91
Protection: 93
272 SG

IRL 03 Clare Higgins & Eilenburg Joel
Tracking: 82
Obedience: 90
Protection: 89
261 G

IRL 04 Pat Hedderman & Wolfhaus Kinga
Tracking: 88
Obedience: 84
Protection: 83
255 G

Team Captain: Clare Weir
Vice Captain: Brian Reidy

Click HERE to read the Judges Report

Post by GSA Ireland