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GSA Ireland promotes the German Shepherd Dog breed and working dog sport in Ireland.

The GSA represents one of 82 countries with affiliated membership of the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV). Local groups can provide handlers and dogs with the very best training and experience at well equipped facilities in disciplines which include obedience, tracking, agility, ring craft and protection work.

GSA Ireland awards internationally recognised WUSV titles and grades in both Performance and Show disciplines at the National, Landesgruppe (provincial) and local level.

In the sport of IPO, from the National events, these are:

  • Irish National IPO Champion
  • Irish National Tracking Champion
    (Accompanied by the relevant performance grade)


In the breed ring, exhibits can attain the following titles related to their WUSV equivalent age class, accompanied by a show grade:

  • Irish Sieger (VA IRL Excellent Select, only in the Working Male Class)
  • Irish Siegerin (VA IRL Excellent Select, only from the Working Female Class)
  • Young Sieger (SG IRL 18 – 24 mths)
  • Young Siegerin (SG IRL 18 – 24 mths)
  • Youth Sieger (SG IRL 12 – 18 mths)
  • Youth Siegerin (SG IRL 12 – 18 mths)


These titles can only be awarded at GSA Ireland events to animals which fulfil the correct WUSV criteria and attain the relevant health tests and/or performance results and breed survey.


Promoting the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than promote individual breeders, we recommend that you visit one of our GSA Ireland local training groups or Ortsgruppen, and look at lots of different dogs in training before you make your decision.

GSA Ireland strongly recommends buying a puppy from parents which have attained the relevant health tests, working qualifications and show grades, both in order to promote the healthy, versatile German Shepherd Dog and to ensure the best chance of your dog living a long and happy life.

GSA Ireland affords German Shepherd Dog owners the opportunity to avail of health testing for hips, elbows and spine under the German SV system.

These results are logged under an international database and help contribute to future study of the health of the breed.

In addition, to take part in international competitions and to attain top honours in breed shows, German Shepherds must meet a minimum standard of health tests and working titles.

IPO, formerly known as Schutzhund, translates as International Prufung Ordnung, or International Working Examination.

IPO combines tracking, obedience and protection and is used to identify sound temperament and physical excellence of a dog over the three phases.

Designed as a way to select breeding animals, today IPO is a sport which takes place across the world and culminates in the WUSV IPO World Championships.

Over many years, GSA Ireland members have proudly represented the organisation at this prestigious competition, with a number of podium places, including second and third places – an amazing achievement.

GSA members can take part in the BH temperament test (‘Traffic-safe companion dog’), the AD endurance test (12 kilometres beside the handler riding a bicycle) and IPO levels 1-3.

There is also the opportunity to take part in ‘standalone’ tracking and obedience phases.

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