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Breed Surveys & Seminars

GSA Ireland held the first Körung, or Breed Survey, for German Shepherds, in 2012. This survey affords dogs with the correct health test results and working qualifications to be certified as fit for breeding under the German SV system and to be entered into the top tier of the new GSA Ireland Breed Book.
The Körung includes a TSB courage test and full assessment including temperament and measurement of height and weight.

Participating dogs must be in possession of A-Stamp Hips and Elbows, the BH, AD and IPOI qualifications (with a minimum of 80 in the C phase of IPOI) and a WUSV-approved show grading. The registered owner of the dog must also be a member of the SV in Germany – click HERE for more information on how to join.

Seminars also take place during the year, please watch the events page for details.

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