SV President’s message on World Harmonisation

Please read on to see the SV President Professor Heinrich Meßler’s editorial messages for September and October, where he highlights and further reinforces the importance of world harmonisation, to include proven health, character and working requirements for the German Shepherd Dog.

GSA Ireland is proud to support this initiative and can assure the public and breed enthusiasts in Ireland that all our events – shows, performance trials, endurance tests and Körung – already include the regulations on DNA testing, health and working status as mentioned by SV President Professor Meßler and adopted by the parent club for the German Shepherd Dog.

September Editorial

October Editorial

GSA Ireland will be hosting a seminar with Herr Jens-Peter Flügge (SV) on the new ZAP – Character Test, a compulsory element of the new World Harmonisation Programme, on Saturday December 2nd at OG Templepatrick.

Please click HERE for details on the seminar and HERE for further details about the World Harmonisation Programme.

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