OG Thomond Club Trial Results

October 26, 2021

GSA Ireland

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OG Thomond held a club trial this weekend which was judged by Herr Manfred Drescher (SV) with Ger Flynn (OG Waterside) as tracklayer and helpers Nicky O’Brien & Liam O’Keeffe (OG Thomond).
The organisers would like to thank all those who traveled to support this event and club members for their help and support. Special thanks to Joe McDonnell and Kelly Monaghan for providing dummy dogs, and to Jack Clancy, Victor and Mags McMahon and Maeve O’Connell for catering and finally to Paul Conroy for sponsoring trophies. The results are as follows:
Liam O’Keeffe & Hundenkraft Oker (PASS)
Robert Owens & Bowie von der Schiffslache (PASS)
Nicky O’Brien & Dearg von der Jendaliz (PASS)
Kelly Monaghan & Jakarta Ostrayaka (MAL) (PASS)
Adrian Breslin and Flint von Haus Valkenplatz
Kelly Monaghan & Pride of Russia Sevrina (DOB) (PASS)
Colm Cussen & Xando Oger Schloss (80 / 72 / 88a) – 240 G
Peter McKenna & Corachica vom Höllentor (97 / 91 /91a) – 279 SG
Paul Conroy & Redguns Cayman (96 / 86 / 97a) – 279 SG
Peter McKenna & California vom Höllentor (98 / 90 / 92a) – 280 SG
Robbie Owens & Hundeschafer Endi (82 / 75 / 94a) – 251 G
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