OG Templepatrick Club Trial

Congratulations to those who took part in OG Templepatrick’s club trial, judged by Dougie Bannerman (GSDL/SV) on July 29 2017.

Tracklayer and helper was Mark Jordan (OG Templepatrick).
Food sponsor was Whistler’s Premium Dog Food.
Congratulations to all who passed, better luck next time to those who did not qualify, and thanks to all those who showed up to participate, spectate and show their support, from the length and breadth of Ireland.
Thanks also to club members Barry and Allison Hill and Mandy Neill for their help with catering.
Best points of the day went to Martin McMenamin and Chikko in IPOI with 272 (SG) – congratulations!

Many thanks to Tom Ray for pictures.

Jim Caldwell/Neo vom Bachfeld – PASS
Gerard Flynn/Eilenburg Baldwin – PASS

Paul Conroy/Alf von Murakamie – 70 (B)

Kellie McCaughan/Cuin von Murakamie 78/85/88 – 251/G/TSB ‘Pronounced’
Karen Milliken/Nedindax Riot 80/60/75 – 215/M/TSB ‘Present’
Martin McMenamin/Vito van den Ronden Hoek 96/88/88 – 272/SG/TSB ‘Pronounced’
Gorana Leahy/Tyguard Amber 97/60/82 – 239/M/TSB ‘Pronounced’

Gorana Leahy/Lizmik Jagger 94/82/85 – 261/G/TSB ‘Pronounced’


Post by GSA Ireland