WUSV IPO World Championships 2016

December 16, 2016




GSA Ireland congratulates the team which proudly represented the organisation at the WUSV IPO World Championships 2016 in Meppen, Germany, October 5-9, ranking #17 in the team placings, with the first team score in a decade.

Thanks goes to Team Captain Mike O’Connor and tracksuit sponsors Karanberg, as well as all those who assisted in training at home and in Belgium, Holland and Germany and those who travelled to support the team during the competition.

Judges were:
A – Tracking: Hans Graf (CH)
B – Obedience: Haruo Masuda (JPN)
C – Protection: Toine Jonkers (NL)

The results were as follows:

IRL – 01 Peter McKenna and Alphachica v Murakamie (OG Waterside) #66
A (Wednesday) :84
B (Friday) : 80
C (Thursday) : 91
Total: 255 – G

IRL – 02 Sinead O’Connor and Legend v Alten Kanal (OG Waterside) #43
A (Thursday): 94
B (Wednesday): 81
C (Friday) : 88
Total: 263 – G

IRL – 03 Clare Weir and Wolfhaus Joe Black (OG Templepatrick) #87
A (Saturday): 84
B (Wednesday): 78
C (Sunday): 80
Total: 242 – G

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