OG Waterside Club Trial Results

December 16, 2016




GSA Ireland congratulates all those who took part in the OG Waterside club trial, judged by Toine Jonkers (SV/VDH Netherlands). Many thanks
to all participants, spectators and supporters.

Thanks also to tracklayer and trial manager Ger Flynn (OG Waterside) and helper was Martin McMenamin (OG Templepatrick). Trial secretary
was Joan Flynn.

Well done to top scoring team Barry Dennehy and Bobby Star of the Sea.

Full results are as follows:

Joe McDonnell – Aron Ceneraf PASS
Gerry Riordan – Lizmik Lava PASS
Derek Conroy – Argo von Bestwig PASS

Robbie Riordan – Valhof Ali – 20 NQ
Paul Conroy – Alf vom Murakamie – 50 NQ

Alice Riordan – Ginny von Schaffe – 65 NQ

Fpr/Upr 2
Jack Clancy – Clancy of the Overflow – 87/77 – 164

Jim Caldwell – Rock vom Haus Valkenplatz – 96
Pat Hedderman – Wolfhaus Kinga – 80

Clare Higgins – Lucy Star of the Sea – 0/DQ/0 – DQ
Barry Dennehy – Bobby Star of the Sea – 76/87/90 – 253

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