OG Waterside Club IGP Trial and ZAP WB Character Assessment Results

February 4, 2019

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Thanks to all those who took part in and supported the trial at OG Waterside on Saturday February 2nd, judged by Jens-Peter Flügge (SV) – the first ever IGP trial in Ireland following the transition from IPO. Herr Flügge also judged Ireland’s first approved ZAP Character Assessment on Sunday February 3rd at OG Waterside.

Tracklayer was Ger Flynn (OG Waterside) and helpers were Brian Reidy (OG Waterside) and Nicky O’Brien (OG Glanmire) and Trial Secretary was Marianne Hogan – thank you all!

Best points of the day in the trial went to Brian Simpson & Aman Vom Clonburg of OG Waterside in IGP I with 97/ 91/90a = 278 SG, congratulations!

Congratulations to all those who qualified, better luck next time to those who did not make it and thanks to those who assisted with catering, raffle and logistics.
Thanks also to food sponsors Happy Dog and the tracking land owners.

Please credit GSA Ireland if sharing these results and pictures.


Keith Noone & Diago Vom Sennertal PASS

Raimondas Simaitis & Prusas is Sapiegines PASS

Paula Nolan & Winifred von Hamilberg PASS

Liam Farrell & Arin Ceneraf DQ

Clare Higgins & Jabina Iidaithe PASS

Michael Palmer & Penelope Jane Von Ballymountain PASS

Paul Conroy & Redguns Cayman PASS

Michael Hogan & Arya von Clonburg PASS

Eugene O’Brien & Glounreigh Prince PASS

Brian Simpson & Aman Vom Clonburg 97/ 91/90a = 278 SG

Brian Reidy & Fenna Vom Dahlhauser Schloßpark 85/86/91a = 262 SG

Barry Dennehy & Ernesto Vom Bestwig 88/85/93a = 266 G


Congratulations also to the dogs who passed the first recognised SV Character Assessment in Ireland with Herr Jens-Peter Flügge, kindly hosted at OG Waterside!
Thank you to all who provided practical assistance and the spectators who turned out on the day and helped make for a great weekend!

Ardenburg Urla
Dahlmann Holly
Fiona Garliavietis
Enosch v Frazitter
Karma d’Ulmental

Please contact info@gsaireland.com for more information about the ZAP and IGP programmes.


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