OG Glanmire Club Trial

September 2, 2018

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Thanks to all those who entered, supported and spectated at the OG Glanmire Club IPO Trial on September 1st/2nd 2018 judged by Herr Uwe Stolpe (SV Germany).

Tracklayer was Gerard Flynn (OG Waterside) and Helpers were Paul Twomey (OG Glanmire) & Adi Donovan (OG Corrib) and trial secretary was Nicky O’Brien – thanks to all!
Well done to all who qualified, better luck next time to those who did not.
Best points of the day went to Brian Reidy & Fenna vom Dahlhauser Schloßpark of OG Waterside in IPO1 – 96/93/90a = 279 SG

Results were as follows:

Kevin Le Fondre & Balthazar vom Lishmar – PASS
Derek Hasset & Jake von Snaky Hus – PASS
Darcie Sherlock & Aman von Clonburg – PASS
Michael Hogan & Arya von Clonburg – NQ
Eugene O Brien & Glounreigh Prince – NQ
Edward Manning & Zico Provocativo – PASS
Michael Palmer & Penelope Jane Von Ballymountain – NQ
Triona ni She & Ruholfia Giorgia (DOB) – NQ

Brian Reidy & Fenna vom Dahlhauser Schloßpark – 96/93/90a = 279 SG
Pat Slattery & Fidzina Tiranavia – 88/83/96a = 267 SG
Denise Redmond & Ayko vom Lishmar – 5/55/65a = U/NQ

Ronan O’Halloran & Lizmik Hurricane – 0/NQ

Barry Dennehy & Ernesto Vom Bestwig -/-/DQ

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