OG Glanmire Club Trial Results

November 8, 2020

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OG Glanmire hosted a club trial recently, judged by Jim Jackson (GSDL/SV), attended and supported by members from all over Ireland.

Helpers were Aiden Jackson (GSDL) and Nicky O’Brien (OG Glanmire), tracklayer was Brian Simpson (OG Waterside) and secretary was Marianne Hogan (OG Waterside).

Trial manager was Derek Hassett (OG Glanmire) and the trial was generously sponsored by The Elm Tree Glounthaune, Midleton Veterinary Clinic, Wrought Iron Gates Midleton, Happy Dog and K9 Profi, many thanks.

Best points of the day went to Edward Manning and Zico Provocativo of OG Glanmire in IGP I with 98/82/85a = 265 G, congratulations!

Results are as follows:


Sue McSweeney & Patrick von Angel House (MAL)  PASS

Michael Palmer & Senta vom Arnapeca PASS

Jean Ryan & Kalee Lodge Hedvika PASS

Denise Redmond & Ruya vom Helingetal PASS

Elizabeth Manning & Drombeg Pioneer (GR) PASS

Paula Nolan & Kit von der Freiheit Westerholt NQ

Kathryn Brennan Hennigan & Von Armen Uschi NQ


Michael Hogan & Arya von Clonburg 96/90/70vh – 256 G

Edward Manning & Zico Provocativo 98/82/85a – 265 G

Kevin le Fondre & Balthazar von Lishmar  86/82/93a 261 G


Raimondas Simaitis & Prusas is Sapiegines  70/86/90a – 246 G


Pat Slattery & Fidzina Tiranavia 84/93/86a – 263 G

Joe McCarthy & Eilenburg Yemon 72/78/80a – 230 B

Robert Owens & Hundeschafer Endi 10/90/95a – 195 M


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