OG Craigantlet Club Trial Results

December 9, 2018

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Thanks to all those who took part in and supported the trial at OG Craigantlet on Saturday December 8th, the last of 2018, judged by Henriette Bohnstedt (GSDL/SV). Tracklayer was Mark Jordan (OG Templepatrick) and helper was Raymond Breslin (OG Templepatrick). Trial Secretary was Gary Milliken.

Best points of the day went to
Niamh O’Connor & Abbas von Bestwig of OG Craigantlet in IPO I with 93/90/88 = 271 SG, congratulations!

Congratulations to all those who qualified, better luck next time to those who did not make it.
Thanks to Henriette on her last IPO judging appointment before the transition to IGP in the New Year, to the helper, tracklayer and secretary and all those who assisted with catering, raffle and logistics.

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Karen Milliken & Nedindax Freki PASS


Niamh O’Connor & Abbas von Bestwig 93/90/88 = 271 SG

Robert Owens & Hunderschafer Endi 88/87/92 = 267 G

Karen Milliken & Nedindax Riot 14/83/NQ = NQ

Fpr II

Roberta Bolster & Eilenburg Kuki 82 G


Shaun Cassidy & Highadrenaline Gozer DQ/-/-

Pat Slattery & Fidzina Tiranavia 83/72/80 = 235 G

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