OG Craigantlet Club Trial Results

September 28, 2020

GSA Ireland

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Many thanks to all those who participated in the recent club IGP trial at OG Craigantlet, judged by Fintan Lalor (GSA Ireland/SV).

Well done to Kellie McCaughan and Dingo vom Hollentor of OG Craigantlet, for attaining best points of the day in IGP 1 (90-87-90a – 258 G). Thanks to the helper and tracklayer, trial secretary and those who provided catering, the dummy dogs/passive dog for BH and other logistical assistance.

Results are as follows:


Pastor Adrian & Erin vom Hollentor PASS

Pat Godkin & Ella vom Hollentor PASS

Paul Sheehan & Cutie Galan Slovakia PASS

Shaun McKittrick & Alberdale Isaac PASS

Sara McClelland & Lady Nora NQ


Kellie McCaughan & Dingo vom Hollentor 90-78-90a – 258 G

Karen Milliken & Nedindax Freki 70-60-TERM NQ

Fpr II

Roberta Bolster & Wynneridge Vixen 73 B


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