OG Corrib Club Trial

Well done to all those who took part in the club IPO trial at OG Corrib on June 17th, judged by Ludger Vortkamp (SV Germany).

Tracklayer was Brian Simpson (OG Waterside)
Helpers were Raymond Breslin & Adi Donovan (OG Corrib).

Best points of the day went to Ronan O’Halloran & Lizmik Hurricane in IPO2: 99/87/84a – 270 SGo
Well done!

Thanks to the judge, to Paul & Pushpa Donovan for their assistance on the day, to all those who helped out and those who travelled to support this trial.
Thanks also to Galway Hibernians for the use of their club grounds for the IPO phases.

Mike O’Brien & Lizmik Notorious PASS
Adi Donovan & Lizmik Nico PASS
Tommy Murphy & Pegasus vom Alten Kanal PASS
Seamus Keady & Dobeshangrila Tesla PASS

Michael Morkan & Eilenburg Zoltan 92 SG

Ronan O’Halloran & Lizmik Hurricane 99/87/84a – 270 SG
Barry Dennehy & Ernesto vom Bestwig 70/85/86a – 241 G

Martin McMenamin & Vito van den Ronden Hoek 96/76/10u – 182 M (NQ)
Gorana Leahy & Tyguard Amber 58/81/89a – 228 M (NQ)

Post by GSA Ireland