New rules on the issuing of ‘Excellent Select Title’

Please read on for some  important information from the SV about the granting of VA (Excellent Select) titles in the Working Classes at National Sieger Breed Shows.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On the occasion of last year’s WUSV General Annual Assembly in Septeber 2019, in addition to the WUSV Breeding Program, a uniform procedure for the ranking EXCELLENT SELECTION VA for the national Sieger shows of the WUSV member clubs was approved of, as follows:

From January 01, 2020 on, the following minimum requirements need to be met to obtain the ranking of EXCELLENT SELECTION VA

• DNA* (registered or verified)
• HD and ED: normal, almost normal or still admitted = fit for breeding
• IPO1 or IGP1 or SchH1 or SV recognised examinations – for an existing VA a transitional period until 2020 applies* ((*according to country regulations))

• First Breed Survey examination with TSB pronounced

• TSB pronounced, drops and releases on the occasion on the qualification trial

• parents with breed survey and examination verified (also for the grandparent-generation)

In case that the minimum requirements as listed above are not met, the officiating judge cannot grant the title VA.

Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.

With kind regards,
Your WUSV Secretariat General

Post by GSA Ireland