Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017

July 2, 2017

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The Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017 will take place on Sunday July 23 – judged by Herr Frank Goldlust (SV Germany, Kennel Frankengold) and hosted by OG Gorey!
TSB Helper: Padraig Flanagan (GSA Ireland)




It’s that time of the year again and we are pleased and excited to have Herr Frank Goldlust, SV Germany to officiate at our Sieger Show in the beautiful setting of Gorey, Co Wexford.

The Executive Council wishes to take the opportunity to update exhibitors of recent regulations regarding WUSV Breed Shows, both from 1.1.17 and onwards 2020. We also wish you all well for what we know will be a fantastic day for the German Shepherd Breed in Ireland.

For those German Shepherd enthusiasts who may not be aware, Prof. Messler, SV and WUSV President, has instigated a number of initiatives to improve our breed on a global scale. These include WUSV Studbook – worldwide harmonisation of breeding regulations and also Hips and Elbows health screening (HD/ED) procedures.

We in GSA Ireland, having assimilated into the SV HD/ED scheme in 2009 with accompanying DNA profiling, are pleased that we already comply with the measures which have been introduced and binding from 1st July 2017 with regard to the worldwide harmonisation scheme.

Also, due to the foresight and progressive thinking of our members, GSA Ireland has been at the forefront of the commencement of the Irish Breed Book and Registration system for the German Shepherd Dog in Ireland.

The Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM) appointed GSA Ireland to set up and maintain the Breed Book in Ireland. GSA Ireland pedigrees carry the vital DNA stamp and authorisation from the DAFM and the WUSV (World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs). We are very pleased that this initiative continues to grow and will comply with the requirements of the world wide harmonisation programme.

GSA Ireland Breed Shows are conducted under the auspices of the WUSV and as such meet stringent standards to enable German Shepherd dogs to be correctly assessed and rated against the complete breed standard. In July 2016, the Executive Council announced through GSA Ireland media outlets and the Irish Sieger Breed Show catalogue that a gradual rolling process was to be adopted to phase out the BVA health scheme and to utilise the GSA/SV/WUSV – HD/ED Health screening scheme by 2018. The process announced in 2016 is to conclude the transitionary phase on 31st December 2017.

GSA Ireland previously notified exhibitors that during the transitionary period we would adopt, in accordance with the awarding body’s (BVA) recommendations for responsible breeding of German shepherds, the breed median scores which are stipulated below:

HD: total 11 (additionally with the proviso of no more than 8 on one hip) and ED: total 0 (zero).

This is the final period that BVA scores are to be utilised for GSA Ireland / WUSV Breed Shows. The process concludes with only GSA/SV/WUSV approved HD/ED to be accepted at GSA Ireland / WUSV Breed Shows from 1st January 2018.

The implementation of these policies will ensure German Shepherd enthusiasts in Ireland are in a position to avail of and comply with the complete WUSV system, as envisaged by President Prof Messler, to be fully implemented by 2020.

We in GSA Ireland feel honoured to be appointed by the DAFM and believe this is in no small way, a reflection on our members and on the organisation as a whole, to the commitment of the improvement of the complete German Shepherd Dog in Ireland.

We look forward to seeing exhibitors and visitors on the day.

Important information for all exhibitors at the Irish Sieger Breed Show:
– Show grounds will open at 7am and check-in will begin at 7.30am. Please have all your dog’s paperwork and health certifications available and please familiarise yourself with the location of your dog’s microchip to help facilitate a smooth-running and relaxed identification check.
– At 8am there will be a practice TSB test with helper Padraig Flanagan for those requiring.
Due to the increased size of the Working Classes this year and to ensure fairness, a draw will take place for the running order for the official TSB test, after the Sunday morning practice.
For a practice slot on Saturday July 22nd, please make an appointment with the show secretary on:
– Classes commence at 10am, males being judged first, by Herr Frank Goldlust (SV/Kennel Frankengold).
– After Puppy classes, the TSB test will take place, order as per draw.
– Youth and Young classes will then take place, followed by Progeny Group, Kennel Group and
Longcoats in their age groups except Working Long Coat Class which will be prior to Stockhaar Working Classes.
– As GSA Ireland has received frequent requests on this issue, during lunch, there will be a demonstration of IPO training at basic levels with accompanying explanations of the training taking place to provide a better understanding of training and the requirements.
– Judging order will then switch to female/male. After the Open classes, the Working Long Coat Female/Male and the Working Female and Male classes, with offlead gaiting, will take place.
This will be followed by the closing ceremony to crown the Irish Sieger and Siegerin 2017!

Post by GSA Ireland