Irish National IPO Trial 2017/WUSV Selection Trial

April 30, 2017

GSA Ireland

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Congratulations to all those who took part in the Irish National IPO Trial 2017/WUSV Selection Trial, judged by Herr Horst-Dieter Träger (SV Germany).

The Irish National Champion 2017, with Best Track and Best Obedience is Alvin Davis with Obi wan Kenobi vom Wolfsblick

The Irish National IPO Trial 2017/WUSV Selection Trial was judged by Herr Horst-Dieter Träger (SV Germany)

Irish National Champion 2017, Best Track, Best Obedience: Alvin Davis, Obi wan Kenobi vom Wolfsblick 98/90/91 – 279 SG

Peter McKenna, Best Protection, Legend vom Alten Kanal 93/86/96 – 275 SG

Clare Higgins, Eilenburg Joel 88/86/94 – 268 G

Pat Hedderman, Wolfhaus Kinga 90/82/93 – 265 G

Liam O’Keeffe, Eilenburg William Brady 94/75/92 – 261 G

Clare Weir, Wolfhaus Joe Black 92/70/87 – 249 G

Martin Noonan, Oberhausen Gary 91/81/70 – 242 G

Barry Dennehy, Bobby Star of Sea 0/76/86 –  162 M

Mike O’Brien, Lizmik Hero 73/71/Inj

Host club: OG Templepatrickk

Thanks to:

Tracklayers: Brian Simpson – GSA Ireland/OG Waterside

Mark Jordan – GSA Ireland/OG Templepatrick

Helpers: Brian Reidy – GSA Ireland/OG Waterside

Martin McMenamin – GSA Ireland/OG Templepatrick

Trial Manager: Mark Jordan

Trial Secretary: Kellie McCaughan

Food prizes supplied by WHISTLER’S PREMIUM DOG FOOD

Additional sponsorship with thanks to Alpha K9 Services:

Thanks to tracking landowners Gerry & Joan Hagan and John McNeill and Obedience and Protection hosts Chimney Corner FC.

Photography by Eddie Brackenridge.

The Irish National IPO Trial is a compulsory qualifier for the WUSV IPO World Championships 2017

Post by GSA Ireland