Important court ruling on the release of SV judges

Please read on for a letter from the SV President, Professor Dr. Heinrich Meßler, on the situation regarding judge releases and an historic and globally important court ruling.

Instruction VDH – Judge Releases SV

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Great success for the non-FCI affiliated WUSV clubs:

Dortmund District Court confirmed in its judgment of 4 March 2020 that VDH (German Kennel Club) is in breach of competition law. VDH must not order SV to exclude non-FCI affiliated WUSV members from obtaining SV judges for national and international events. Such order restricts competition and is void.
Consequently, SV has started sending its judges to all WUSV clubs again. Most importantly, the World Championship in Hungary and the trials can take place as planned.

The court fully confirmed its decision of 12 February 2020 in substance. It confirmed once more that VDH’s order illegally restricts the possibilities for non-FCI affiliated WUSV clubs
to organize trials and other events. The court does not see any justification for such order.

To the contrary: according to the court, the instruction has as its object the prevention of non-FCI affiliated WUSV clubs from organizing their own events.
The background to the legal action is the question of who is allowed to obtain SV judges for legitimate and necessary cynological activity outside of the FCI sphere of operation.

It confirms a number of decisions by competition authorities and other courts where federations tried to protect their own commercial interests by preventing others from organizing their own events. As everyone knows, the members of WUSV set a high standard when it comes to Schäferhund breeding.

The law firm, Gleiss Lutz, representative of the three applicants, conducted the proceedings before Dortmund District Court, thereby securing the preliminary injunction.
It is another essential step on the way to setting a permanent lawful foundation for the operation of the cynological market. We will not rest or waver in our efforts to protect our
World Union and our beloved breed.

All who wish to engage SV-judges should now submit their requests through standard

With kind regards,

Professor Dr. Heinrich Meßler
WUSV President

Post by GSA Ireland