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GSA Ireland has been appointed keeper & administrator of the Breed Book for the German Shepherd Dog in Ireland.

Through the GSA Ireland Breed Book, GSA pedigrees will provide proof of parentage through DNA, information on the health and working qualifications of ancestors and will provide space for the inclusion of health results, working qualifications, and proof of DNA and will stay with the dog for life.

The GSA Breed Book
The GSA Breed Book will be a register of German Shepherd Dogs in Ireland.
This register will include dogs born in Ireland and those dogs now living in Ireland that were born in other countries.
Each dog should be registered by its owner/breeder with the overall objective being to encourage, improve and promote the breeding and health of the GSD in Ireland, in accordance with the standards of the SV/WUSV in Germany.

On receipt of an application for the GSA Breed Book, the paperwork for each dog, or litter, shall be checked and upon its compliance the GSA shall issue a Certificate of Registration indicating the Section and Class that the dog is registered in.
The Section and Class that each dog is registered into is determined in accordance with the GSA Breed Book Rules.

There are three sections – criteria for each is noted below.

Basic Section and Litter Registration Section:
Microchip ID
Name containing a prefix/affix

Supplementary Section:
Microchip ID
Name containing a prefix/affix
DNA profile
Conform to the GSD Breed Standard under the GSA Breed Warden

Main Section:
Criteria as Supplementary Section
Proven DNA – descended from parents and grandparents that are registered in the main section of an EU recognised GSD Breed Book.

Within the Main Section there are 3 Classes:

Class 1:

Conform to the GSD Breed Standard under an SV Judge
HD and ED x-ray of not less than ‘noch zugelassen’ grading
Spinal x-ray (from a date to be notified by the SV / WUSV)
Minimum working qualification of IPO 1
Current / Lifetime Körung by an approved Körmeister

Class 2:

Conforms to the Health Requirements of Class 1
Does not hold the required Working or Breed Qualification

Class 3:

Holds minimum entry criteria to Main Section
Does not hold any Health, Working or Breed Qualifications.

When an application to the GSA Breed Book is accepted, the register will hold the following information for each dog on a secure private database:
– Particulars of the owner and/or breeder of the dog
– Particulars of the ancestry of each dog
– Section/Class of the dog in the Breed Book
– Such other information as the GSA may deem appropriate from time to time, including changes recommended by Verein fur Deutscheschäferhund (SV) / Weltunion der Schäferhundvereine (WUSV).

The GSA Pedigree
Any member of the GSA who is the breeder or owner of a dog or litter of puppies that currently does not hold an EU recognised Pedigree from another country will be eligible to apply for a GSA pedigree.
The GSA pedigree is based upon the format of the German SV pedigree and it will provide health and working qualifications of ancestors and will provide space for the inclusion of DNA status, health results, breed qualifications, working qualifications, breeder details, ownership and change of ownership details and will stay with that dog for its life.
All litter applications to the GSA Breed Book will automatically receive a GSA Pedigree for each puppy.

Please read to the bottom of the page for information on how to apply and click HERE for more information on ‘Health and Wellbeing’ to find out about health testing.

Any questions or queries?

GSA Ireland Breed Book & GSA Pedigrees - How to Apply

Download and fill in the Application Form below and forward to the ‘Breed Book Secretary’ at with all the relevant paperwork/information or to ask for postal address.

Do NOT send to the former address of Duggan & Power, Galway.