Statement: Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017

Please read on for a statement regarding the Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017, judged by Herr Frank Goldlust (SV)

The Irish Sieger Breed Show will take place this weekend, July 23rd, the venue at OG Gorey in County Wexford is looking superb and the final preparations are underway for Sunday.

GSA Ireland would like to take this opportunity to clarify a number of issues that have been brought to the attention of the National Executive Council with regard to the Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017.

• All GSA Ireland official statements are made via the GSA Ireland website: and NO other media platform.

• GSA Ireland notified intending exhibitors in July 2016 of this year’s entry requirements and fully outlined the process and reasoning behind them in an effort to promote a clearer understanding of both the 2017 entry requirements and the WUSV Worldwide Harmonisation Programme.

• All official HD/ED requirements are contained within the Irish Sieger Breed Show 2017 Schedule.

• The requirements to achieve respective conformation show grades are clearly laid out in the Schedule.

• The Executive confirms there has been NO deviation from these requirements.

• GSA Ireland promote one Universal breed and a mutual way forward for the German Shepherd through the hosting of LG and Sieger Breed Shows, BH and IPO Trials, the SV Breed Survey (Körung) and Seminars including our much anticipated ‘Information Exchange Day’ in August.

The GSA, as an organisation, takes this opportunity to reaffirm and assure German Shepherd enthusiasts around the World that it is fully committed to the promotion and well-being of the German Shepherd Dog in accordance with the statutes, standards and conditions as required by membership of the SV / WUSV.

We look forward to meeting exhibitors, supporters and spectators on Sunday and wish everyone a successful day and safe travels.

Find out more about the event HERE

Post by GSA Ireland